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Client/Location Client Business/Project Description
Aether Systems
Bethesda, MD
Digital Pagers for Major Financial Markets
Design and implement Bar Code tracking, billing and accounting system for digital readers distributed in major cities in the U.S. and Canada. The system uses Intermec Bar Code equipment.


Avondale Shipyards
(Northrop Grumman Ship Systems)
New Orleans, LA
Major US Shipyard
Develop requirements for the Time and Material Control System (TiMCon). TiMCon collects labor distribution charges and tracks job material through the production process.
  Design, develop and implement steel inventory system for Steel Sales Division. System includes steel purchase order, order entry, load list and customer invoicing for structural steel and fabricated items.
  Design and implement system to track progress on development of a Navy Integrated Product and Process Development system.
  Problem solving for Navy spare parts for delivery of ship.
  Wrote procedures and managed spare parts warehouse.
  Developed methodology for spare parts tracking for delivery of Navy ships.
  Developed Integrated Allowance Document (IAD) for Navy Oilers (TAO).
  Develop methodology for Basic Ordering Agreements with vendors.
GRP Div.
Gulfport, MS
Glass Reinforced Plastics Mine Hunter Construction for U.S. Navy
Develop long-term production schedules.
  Design and implement inventory Bar Code system for warehouse.
  Prepare bid documents and CAD drawings for Navy bid.
Design and implement ILS/Spare parts computer system.
Gulfport Marine
Gulfport, MS
LCAC Construction for U.S. Navy
Design and implement a Navy approved Cost/Schedule Control System (C/SCS).
  Assist in preparation of Navy bids.
  Evaluate vendors' bids in accordance with FAR/DFAR.
  Develop overhead cost tracking system.
  Develop Human Resources tracking system using Advanced Revelations database.
  Revise timekeeping procedures to meet Navy requirements.
  Assist in development of Navy approved MMAS procedures.
  Troubleshoot desktop publishing LAN and software to get production of delivery documents working.
Offshore Div.
Harvey, LA
Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Construction
Project Management support including computerized cost/schedule control.
  Bid support, project scheduling and vendor bid evaluation for Gas Compressor modules for South America.


BAE Systems, IRSP Division
Ft. Walton Beach, FL
Maintenance of USAF radar sites worldwide
Design and implement Bar Code System for warehouse inventory, component repair and labor tracking using Intermec CrossBar Network. Bar Code System interfaced with Deltek Accounting Software.
  In early 2000's this system was modified for new bar code equipment. Code was rewritten using VB for interface with Deltek's Costpoint software.


Citgo Oil Company
Lake Charles, LA
Production of Wax by product from Citgo oil refineries
Develop WaxPax system for tacking wax production and inventory. System records wax production and put-away location in warehouse. Sales orders are entered into WaxPax for picking and shipping using Intermec hand held bar code readers.

January 2008 – Converted database to SQL Server, tested all hardware and reinstalled WaxPax after system was dormant for 4 years because CITGO used a subcontractor for wax processing.


BASF Corporation
Geismar, LA
Chemical Manufacturing Complex
Programming of Bar Coded Safety Data Acquisition System.
  Bar Code inventory system in Stores using Hand Held Products and Intermec equipment.
  Develop Bar Code maintenance tracking system to record machinery preventative maintenance program and print reports on machine hours and maintenance status.
  Program interface of existing computerized material requisition system with purchase order system.
  Developed DCS Monitor. Monitors files on VAX by DCS and transfers to Novell LAN automatically for raw data.
  Custom Corrective Action Request (CAR). System gives users opportunity to propose corrective action, address proposals and follow response. System supports Process Safety Management.
  Custom Supplier Corrective Action System (SCAR). Identifies and follows problems with suppliers.
  Custom Bar Code Raw Material receiving system for Aniline Plant.
  Custom DEQ reporting system. Keeps track of out-of-range DEQ values.
  Custom Operations Information and Logging System (OILS). Tells operator how to run the shift and reports to management on how the process runs. System Supports Process Safety Management.
  Statistical Process Control tracks parameters, creates trends and reports CpK values.
  Custom Rail Car Tracking system using Intermec portable Bar Code reader.
  Production Reporting system. Shows tank levels of all raw materials and finished goods, calculates total production for 24-hour period.
  Custom Certificate of Analysis Reconciliation. Allows Polyol lab to reconcile Chlorine Certificates of Analysis.
  Custom Caustic Unload. Collects data from Foxboro DCS to manage receipt and unloading of Caustic Soda.
  Custom Chlorine Unload. Allows BASF's CCU receiving clerk to manage receipt, unloading and balance of chlorine.
  Custom HCL Tank Car Inspection System to electronically schedule and log HCL tank car inspection.
  Custom Inspection Reporting System (IRS) for tracking ultra sonic testing of pipe runs in the plant.
  Custom Raw Material Specification for tracking documents related to raw material specifications.
  Custom Maintenance Department Instrument Reporting System (MDIRS) to schedule and track inspections compliant with ISO 9000.
  Custom Vacation and Overtime Scheduling (VOTS) to schedule, allocate, and control vacations and overtime for operators. Systems accounts for hours worked and seniority.
  Custom Monotrace Circuit Reporting to track and trace electrical circuits in the plant.
  Custom Drumming system to capture drum weights and fill times as drums pass through the plant.


Behavioral Health
Baton Rouge, LA
Psychological Medical Provider
Custom Mental Health utilization review system Prototype development methodology.
  Custom development of Electronic Patient Record (EPRS). Allows Clinical Staff, including Case Managers, physician reviewers and administrative personnel to share and manage their Utilization Review data.
  Custom mental health Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for managed care and benefit coordination.
  Custom generic data extraction for distribution of data (read-only) to other business entities with needs to know.
  Custom Outpatient EPRS. Outpatient module for utilization review and care management of outpatient mental health care management.
  Custom Member Service Tracking System. Tool for tracking and profiling of client and provider inquiries.


SABIC Innovative Plastics (former GE Plastics)
Mt. Vernon, IN
Manufacturer of Plastics
Designed and implemented a web based Time Control (TCON) system for on-site contractors. The system uses Intermec Fixed Mount "Clocks", photo badges, turnstiles, hand-held Intermec units and RF Access Points. The system manages the maintenance and capital project contractors working on-site. It reports spending by purchase order and work order daily and weekly. It also controls access to the plant and invalidates contract employees that are not current with safety training. Purchase Order Service Signers can view and approve or disapprove contractor charges daily using their internet browser. Contractors process daily timesheets and material and equipment sheets using web browsers. TCON data is used by contractors to invoice for work performed.
Crystalline Products
Mt. Vernon, IN
Develop BuLBS bulk loading tracking system. System verifies loading of bulk orders as trucks and rail cars are loaded. Uses Intermec RF Access Points and hand held bar code readers.
  Develop Tipper Recycle tracking. System uses Intermec RF Access Point and forklift-mounted unit to record loading and unloading of recycled plastic and tipping of raw material into process.


Knight Oil Tools
Lafayette, LA
Oil Tool Rental Company
Develop Knight Tracker. System records Ultrasonic Testing inspection of rental oil drilling pipe as it is returned from customer. Each joint is tracked by joint serial number. A bar code label is printed upon completion of inspection for each joint. The system keeps the history of the joints inspections and ship dates. TMS developed unique label design for harsh environment of pipe yard.

The Pearce Group
Prairieville, LA
Pump Foundry and Manufacturer
Develop custom Sales integrated with Production integrated with Shipping system. All modules integrated with Accounting, including AR, AP, Inventory and the General Ledger. The Sales Order Database allows the Sales Department to write sales quotes, sales orders, stock transfers and other internal sales documents. Shipping uses hand-held barcode scanners to enter the item being shipped to fulfill a particular order. The production department can order raw materials and produce a manufacturing schedule based on upcoming orders. TMS developed a unique system of specifying part numbers.

June 2007 – Migrated the accounting system to Quick Books Enterprise. Connected all accounting modules to custom order entry and inventory/shipping system for automatic updates.


BOC Gases
Port Allen, LA
Industrial and Medical Gases Producer
Design, implement and install an FDA validated lot tracking inventory and product tracking system for medical gas products. System uses Pen Based computers for data collection on the shop floor.


Burlington Industries, Inc.
Stonewall, MS
Manufacturer of Denim
Develop and implement shop floor Quality Control system for denim finishing plant.
  Develop and implement Bar Code work-in-process system for denim yarn plant.


Coca-Cola Enterprises
New Orleans, LA
Distributor of Coca-Cola
Design and implement Bar Code tracking and inventory system for Coca-Cola vending machines and vending machine parts. System tracks location of machines and dispensing of repair parts.

Domino Sugar
Arabi, LA
Sugar Refinery
Design Finished Goods Warehouse Inventory Tracking System including warehouse location system, automatic data collection system and automatic pallet labeling system.
  Design and develop application for sugars melting tracking.
  Develop Internet browser to restrict groups within the organization to specific areas of the corporate Intranet.
  Develop company management system that include management of employee database, OSHA reporting, EPA reporting, State DEQ reporting, employee training tracking, and absentee tracking.


DSM Copolymer
Addis, LA
Manufacturer of Rubber
Design and implement Bar Code Package Labeling System. System labels each package and collects data on package type and weight for upload to corporate billing system.

Baton Rouge, LA
Design and implement Bar Code Package Labeling System using the system developed for the Addis, LA plant with modifications for standard pallet weight, collection of partial pallet weights and product labeling.


Signal International
Pascagoula, MS
Fabricator of Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling Rigs
Develop Time Control system for all employees at the company's three oil drilling rig construction yards. System utilizes data collection devices on a wireless LAN to clock employees in and out of the yards, and matches the elapsed time on-site with work order charges entered by timekeepers and foremen.
Design and build self-contained fiberglass ClockAlleys (see photo on left). ClockAlleys are outfitted with wireless ethernet data collection devices and turnstiles controlled by the data collection devices.
Designed and assisted with installation of full-height turnstiles controlled by Intermec Bar Code devices.

December 2007 – Redeveloped Time Control system as a web based time and attendance/access control system using Intermec terminals, waist-height turnstiles and MS SQL Server database.


Ineos Fluor America
St. Gabriel, LA
Manufacturer of Klea Refrigerant

Design, develop and implement refrigerant container tracking system, PackTack. System tracks cylinders from fill to palletize to ship to receive back as empties. System also tracks bulk shipments in half and one ton cylinders. All shop floor hardware is Intermec including shop floor terminals and thermal transfer printers. Custom printer covers were also designed and built by TMS to protect bar code printers from dust and insects on production floor.

Mexichem Fluor
(Formally Ineos Fluor America)
St. Gabriel, LA
Manufacturer of Klea Refrigerant

In 2011, TMS redesigned and developed a web based PackTrack system to track refrigerant cylinders. System tracks cylinders from fill to palletize to ship to receive back as empties. PackTrack uses web pages on Intelligent Instrumentation LANpoint 7 Shop Floor Terminals for data entry. All data resides on MS SQL database. The LANpoint 7 terminals are used on the shop floor for all data entry. Intermec Thermal Transfer printers are located on the shop floor near the terminals for printing cylinder labels and pallet lables. PackTrack also tracks all cylinder inspections and cerifications. PackTrack includes office administrative functions for shipping, customer labels, and other administrative duties.

Marathon Ashland Petroleum
Oil Refineries
Louisiana Refining Division
Garyville, LA

Develop and implement Time and Attendance/Access Control System (TAAS). System controls access to refineries and tracks employee hours. This system was recently upgraded to utilize modern fixed mount and portable devices, including wireless Ethernet devices. The clock alleys designed and built by TMS (shown to the left) were used for the locating an entry point for the refinery at a convenient area during "turn-arounds".
  Designed and implemented Contractor Billing System for computer checking contractor bills for labor and equipment.
  Designed and implemented Service Contractor System to track the insurance certificates of service contractors working in the refinery.

Michigan Refining Division
Detroit, MI
Implement Time and Attendance/Access Control System (TAAS) including Employee Badges and Intermec hand held and fixed mount readers. In 2000, the system was upgraded to RF real-time data collection including fixed mount RF units, Access Points and RF handheld units.

Illinois Refining Division
Robinson, IL
Implement Time and Attendance/Access control System (TAAS) including Intermec CrossBar network, turnstiles, DataCard employee badge & Novell LAN. In 2000, the system was upgraded to RF real-time data collection including fixed mount RF controlling turnstiles, Access Points and RF handheld units. In 2002, added Main Office access control using the existing TAAS badges. Access control uses Intermec fixed mount readers controlling doors.


Texas Refining Division
Texas City, TX
Implement Time and Attendance/Access control System (TAAS) using Intermec CrossBar network, turnstiles and DataCard employee badge. Designed and built fiberglass clock alleys, self-contained building with clocks (Intermec 9560), turnstiles and electrical controls. Used clocks to control doors on main office and lab. In 2000, the system was upgraded to RF real-time data collection including fixed mount units controlling turnstiles in the clock alleys (see photo on left), RF units, Access Points and RF handheld units.


Ohio Refining Division
Canton, OH
Install RF real-time version of TAAS. Provide continuing support for badges, supplies and hardware. Built fully outfitted RF two clock alleys. One clock alley uses waist-height turnstile, the other has full-height cage type turnstile.
Minnesota Refining Division
St. Paul Park, MN
Install RF real-time version of TAAS using existing turnstiles. Provide continuing support for badges, supplies and hardware. Designed and built fully outfitted RF clock alley (photo on left) with full-height cage type turnstile with "cold weather" enclosure for the bar code equipment.

Luling, LA
Chemical Manufacturer
Design and implement Corrosion Inspection Database (CID) for tracking all plant inspections and scheduling Preventative Maintenance inspections. CID provides inspectors and mangers detailed piping and vessel inspection information and schedules inspections for critical equipment.
  CID 2000 - Redevelopment of CID using Visual Basic and Oracle. All Corrosion inspections tracked using CID 2000.


McDermott Marine Const.
Morgan City, LA
Offshore Oil and Gas Platform Constructor
Design and implement a Bar Code maintenance inventory and tool room system on-board Derrick Barge DB-28.
  Developed "real-time" timekeeping data collection system and built enclosures for Intermec T2480 "Clocks" for fabrication yard. Enclosures include LED and buzzer to indicate a successful scan in high noise areas.


Pioneer Chlor Alkali Co.
St. Gabriel, LA
Chemical Manufacturer
Design and implement Safety Apparatus Control System using Intermec Trakker portable bar code readers. The system tracks safety equipment inspections and anomaly repairs.


Rhodia Chemicals
Chemical Manufacturer
Baton Rouge, LA
Design, develop and Install StoreTrak in warehouse. Receipts, Issues, Returns, Deliveries and Cycle Counts: these are the activities in a Plant Stores facility. Collecting and tracking these activities at the Rhodia Baton Rouge, facility is the function of the StoreTrak system. Rhodia uses the JD Edwards ERP system for purchase orders, work orders and other accounting and business management functions. StoreTrak interfaces with JDE.
Baytown, TX
Install StoreTrak at the Baytown plant and train Stores personnel.
Houston, TX
Install StoreTrak at the Houston plant and train Stores personnel.
Hammond, IN
Install StoreTrak at the Hammond plant and train Stores personnel.
Freeport, TX
Install StoreTrak at the Freeport plant and train Stores personnel.
Dominguez, CA
Install StoreTrak at the Dominguez plant and train Stores personnel.
Geismar, LA
Install StoreTrak at the Geismar plant and train Stores personnel.


SCP Pool Corporation
Covington, LA
Swimming Pool Distributor

Develop vendor compliance methodology to make sure all vendors are bar code labeling all products. TMS developed labeling requirements then worked with vendors to get products labeled and databases of product labels to SCP.


Textron Marine and Land
Defense Contractor - Wheeled Combat Vehicles
Developed STARS, an automatic data collection system used to order production items and parts on the production floor and a warehouse tracking system used for fulfillment of the production orders. STARS uses Intermec handheld bar code readers with a custom interface to Textron’s mainframe MRP system to automatically update part location and on-hand quantities when transfers are done.

U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association
New Orleans, LA
Developed a laptop based conference tracking and voting system for conferences. The system uses Intermec Bluetooth bar code scanners with a laptop based database to record attendance at conference meeting and voting on conference propositions. The attendees badges have a “yes” and “no” bar code so that each participant can vote on each proposed change.


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